Oxford Instruments offers a range of continuous flow cryostats designed for X- and Q-band electron spin resonance/electron paramagnetic resonance (ESR/EPR) spectroscopy. The range has been designed for compatibility with commercial spectrometers. The ESR900 and ESR910 are liquid helium (LHe) or liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooled top-loading continuous flow cryostats for ESR/EPR measurements providing:

compatibility with X-band cavities
sample temperatures down to 1.9 K
sample change times of only a few minutes
The benefits of low temperature ESR spectroscopy include:
An increase in signal levels from samples where relaxation times are very short at room temperature
The ability to study phase transitions 

The ESR900 and ESR910 work on a continuous flow principle using an oil-free pump to draw liquid helium from a storage dewar, along a transfer tube, to the heat exchanger. Temperature control is achieved using manual flow control and an ITC503 temperature controller. The ESR900 will also operate with liquid nitrogen as the coolant for measurements to 80 K (not possible for the ESR910). The ESR910 contains a small reservoir of liquid helium, maintained by a GF4 vane pump. A second vane pump or rotary pump is used to pump on the sample space to achieve base temperature.


Electron Spin Resonance
Eletron Paramagnetic Resonance 

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