Microstat He

Liquid helium (LHe) cooled, vacuum loading continuous flow (CF) optical cryostat for microscopy and spectroscopy measurements requiring:

Very short working distance
Wide angle of incidence/reflection
2.2 - 500 K temperature range
Low liquid helium comsumption - as little as 0.45 l/h using a low loss LHe transfer tube
A compact, light weight system - only 1.8 kg
Choice of reflectance (one window) or transmission (two windows) configuration
Operation in any orientation
Ideal for use with microscope-based spectrometers.


A unique feature of the MicrostatHe2 is its inter-changeable "cold unit" which allows the same core cooling unit to be fitted into a MicrostatHe2 Rectangular Tail or an OptistatCF-V outer body for huge experimental flexibility. The MicrostatHe2 optical cryostat works on a continuous flow (CF) principle using an oil-free pump to draw liquid helium from a storage vessel along a transfer tube to the heat exchanger ("pull mode"). Temperature control is achieved by a combination of manual or automatic helium flow control and power dissipated in an electrical heater, regulated using a temperature controller. The cryostat can also be used in "push mode", in which case the flow of liquid helium is generated by pressurising the storage dewar. The advantage is that the need for a gas flow pump is removed, eliminating the vibration and noise generated by the pump, and reducing the system cost.


Research Areas Technique (optical microscopy & microscope based techniques
Study of molecular bonds in crystal lattices Micro-FTIR
Study of molecular energy levels Micro-Raman scattering and inelastic light scattering
Studies of Quantum Dot structures in AS/GaHS Micro-luminescence
Quantum systems
Micro-Photo luminescence

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