Microstat He Rectail

A liquid helium cooled, vacuum loading continuous flow (CF) cryostat with a special narrow tail for optical microscopy and spectroscopy measurements requiring:

Small working distance
2.2 - 500 K temperature range
Optical access in two orthogonal directions
Integration into an electromagnet
Operation in any orientation

The core "cold unit" of the MicrostatHe2 Rectangular Tail, MicrostatHe2 and OptistatCF-V  is inter-changeable, enabling a modular set of optical cryostats for different experimental set-ups by swapping only the outer body.

The MicrostatHe2 Rectangular Tail works on a continuous flow principle using an oil-free pump to draw liquid helium from a storage vessel along a transfer tube to the heat exchanger ("pull mode"). Temperature control is achieved by a combination of automatic or manual helium flow control and power dissipated in an electrical heater, regulated using a temperature controller.

The cryostat can also be used in "push mode", in that case the flow of liquid helium is generated by pressurising the storage dewar. The advantage is that the need for a gas flow pump is removed thus saving cost and eliminating the noise and vibration generated by the pump.


Magneto optical characteristics Kerr and Faraday effect measurement

Download PDF datasheet – Microstat He Rectangular Tail

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