Optistat SXM

The OptistatSXM provides a high stability liquid helium (LHe) bath cryostat for low-vibration optical spectroscopy and nano-scale microscopy, being specifically designed for experiments that require:

Base temperatures down to 1.6 K
Low vibration - the OptistatSXM enables vibration-sensitive measurements such as SPM, NSOM, STM and AFM at low temperature by avoiding the use of a nitrogen reservoir and the vibration that would result
49 mm sample space, sample in dynamic exchange gas
Quick sample change
Generous f2.2 radial optical access, with 4 radial and 1 axial window

The OptistatSXM cryostat contains an integral liquid helium reservoir with a variable temperature insert (VTI) and radiation shields cooled by the evaporating helium. In the OptistatSXM, the sample is in a dynamic exchange gas environment, meaning that the cryogen flows into the sample space cooling the sample directly. Liquid helium is supplied from the reservoir to the VTI through a needle valve, allowing the flow to be optimised to suit the operating requirements. A heat exchanger at the bottom of the sample space is fitted with a heater and temperature sensor, so that the temperature of the helium flowing through the sample space can be controlled by a temperature controller. This helium then flows over the sample and out of the cryostat to a small vacuum pump, which is used to promote the flow and obtain temperatures below 4.2 K. The sample is mounted on a sample rod and loaded into the cryostat through a NW50 flange. Changing the sample simply involves removing the sample rod, replacing the sample and inserting the rod back into the cryostat.


Environment for AFM measurements. Possible RMS noise level of 65 pm. A long time drift of 6 nm/min is a reasonable result for controlled temperature environment.

Download PDF datasheet – Optistat SXM

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