The Spectromag split-pair superconducting magnet system provides optical access to a sample in a  variable horizontal magnetic field and low temperature environment. System features include:

Magnetic fields up to 11 T in a compact geometry
Inserts to provide sample temperatures from 0.45 to 300 K with optical access
Cryostat incorporating rectangular tail unit, providing excellent optical access to the sample
Wide range of windows for measurements from near ultra-violet to far infra-red
Option for fully automatic control 

The Spectromag is operated using a standard set of Oxford Instruments electronics and accessories:

IPS120-10 superconducting magnet power supply
ITC503 temperature controller
ILM liquid helium/nitrogen level meter
TTN2F flexible liquid helium transfer tube (siphon)
The Spectromag split pair magnet systems may be used for a wide range of applications: 


Magnetic circular dichroism (MCD)
Mössbauer and Raman spectroscopy
Photoluminescence studies
Faraday effect measurements
Magneto-optical kerr effect TR- MOKE) 

Download PDF datasheet – Spectromag SM4000

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