Spectrostat NMR

The SpectrostatNMR offers a cryogenic system constructed of non-magnetic materials to provide a variable temperature sample environment from 2.7 to 500 K for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) experiments.

Compatibility with industry standard NMR spectrometers
Available with tail outer diameters of 51, 70 and 86 mm
Sample in exchange gas allowing fast change times for high sample throughput
Optimised thermal design providing excellent control and stability of the sample temperature

The SpectrostatNMR works on a continuous flow principle using an oil-free pump to draw liquid helium from a storage dewar, along a transfer tube, to a heat exchanger. Temperature control is achieved by balancing manual control of helium flow and power dissipated in an electrical heater, regulated using a temperature controller.  The SpectrostatNMR will also operate with liquid nitrogen (LN2) as coolant for measurements to 80 K.


Designed for nuclear magnetic resonance experiments, when used inside an NMR magnet
In solid state NMR, variable temperatures may be used to study intramolecular rearrangements or to slow down chemical processes to study reactive intermediates
The SpectrostatNMR can also be fitted in an electromagnet for magneto-transport or Kerr effect measurements 

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