The Variox provides a controlled low temperature sample environment, in which the sample is cooled through a static exchange gas. This system offers extremely good temperature control and fast cool down times.

Large 50 mm diameter sample access using standard 4He insert
Wide temperature range from 1.6 to 300 K
Interchangeable inserts available to extend base temperature to 300 mK or 30 mK
3 day hold time
Fast cool down times
Interchangeable tails to suit various applications

The Variox uses an oil-free pump to draw liquid helium from the storage reservoir to a heat exchanger surrounding the central sample tube. Temperature control is achieved by balancing needle valve control of  helium flow and power dissipated in an electrical heater, both regulated using an ITC503 temperature controller.

The temperature controlled liquid or gas flows up an annular channel surrounding the sample tube. This contains low pressure helium gas to provide thermal exchange with the sample.


The Variox base temperature of 1.6 K and automated features make it ideal for many applications such as:
neutron, muon and X-ray scattering
optical and Mössbauer spectroscopy 

Download PDF datasheet – Variox

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