Microstat N

Liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooled, vacuum loading continuous flow (CF) cryostat for optical microscopy and spectroscopy measurements requiring:

Short working distance
80 - 500 K temperature range
A compact, lightweight system
Choice of reflectance (one window) or transmission (two windows) configuration
Operation in any orientation

The MicrostatN2 works on a continuous flow principle using an oil-free pump to draw liquid nitrogen from a storage vessel along a transfer tube to the heat exchanger. Temperature control is achieved by a combination of manual nitrogen flow control and power dissipated in an electrical heater, regulated using a temperature controller.


Research areas Technique (optical & microscope based techniques)
Study of molecular bonds in crystal lattices Micro-FTIR
Study of molecular energy levels Micro-Raman scattering and inelastic light scattering
Studies of Quantum Dot structures in AS/GaHS Micro-lumuinescence
Semiconductors -
Quantum systems -
Micro-Photo luminescence

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