UVLAB FL1 450 – Professional royal blue flashlight with adjustable spot size and high energy 450nm emissions.

UVLAB FL1 450 is a very professional, actinic flashlight with high energy and pure 450nm emissions, optical power more then 200mW and adjustable spot size from tens of centimeters to the wide beam. This device is mainly used for fluorescence observation life science and hobbies.UVLAB FL1 395


  • Aluminum housing, diameter 36mm, length 135mm
  • High class LED 450nm emitter with optical power 400mW
  • Emission wavelength 450nm
  • Device output power > 200mW
  • Li-ion 4800mAh 3.7V battery
  • Working time 3.5h
  • Three modes of operations: full power, half power and stroboscope


  • Markers initiations
  • NDT and leak tests
  • General applications of high power UV flashlight.
  • Minerals and biological objects fluorescence.
  • Insects and crustaceans fluorescence.
  • Flowers, birds, animals fluorescence.
  • Photochemical reactions, UV curing and hardening.
  • UV photography.
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