UVLAB HL2 – Low range at wide angle, high power, battery power supply.

UVLAB HL2 is a pure 365nm high power, wide beam and few meters working distance light source. It is used for general fluorescence excitation and analyses. Whole device has compact package, efficient Li-ion batteries, can work in a filed, also in rugged conditions.UVLAB HL2


  • General applications of high power UV flashlight.
  • Minerals and biological objects fluorescence.
  • Insects and crustaceans fluorescence.
  • Flowers, birds, animals fluorescence.
  • Photochemical reactions, UV curing and hardening.
  • UV photography.


  • Aluminum housing spray painted, diameter Ø68mm, length 185mm.
  • Weight 900g.
  • High class UV LED source.
  • Wavelength 365nm.
  • Glass optics.
  • Optical output power 0.3W.
  • 4x2500mAh 1.2V AA NiMH batteries.
  • CW working time > 3.5hours
  • Convergent beam with 1m spot size at 3m distance.
  • Double power levels 50% and 100%.
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