UVLAB FO1 – Fiber optic, high power, short working distance.

UVLAB FO1 is a professional, fiber optic pure 365nm high power and short working distance light source. It is used in optical microscopes for fluorescence excitation and for general photochemical reactions. Samples can be illuminated external or true a condenser. Other applications required small beam diameter and high optical density are possible.


  • Alluminium alloy housing diameter Ø50mm and lenght 75mm
  • Weight 300g
  • Emitter LED UV
  • Emitter optical power 0.4W
  • Wavelenght 365nm
  • Power efficiency > 85%
  • 230V, 50Hz power supply
  • Small divergence beam output
  • Spot size at 20mm distance - 16mm
  • Spot size at 100mm distance - 45mm
  • Output beam diameter 5mm
  • Output beam diameter at 10mm distance - 12mm
  • Power adjust: analogue from 0% do 100%
  • Power supply with power controller included.
copyright: LABIS