UVLAB MG1 – High power matrix, short working distance, wide area.

UVLAB MG1 is a customized wavelength, ultraviolet, high power density device. It has large working area and is dedicated for close-to-the-material working distance application. Modular design allows to join modules into multi-module unit for larger working area. It is used for curing and hardening purposes: paints, ink-jets printing, adhesives. UVLAB MG1 is a superior alternative for low power mercury lamps, offers long lifetime, low running costs, high efficiency and low thermal emission.UVLAB_MG1


  • Aluminum housing with heat exchanger
  • Working area 400x200mm.
  • High class UV LED source.
  • Number of LED – 25.
  • Total optical output power 6.25W.
  • Divergent beam.
  • Built-in temperature controller.
  • DC switching adapter.


  • Total optical output power 22.5W.
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