UVLAB OM1 – Optical Microscopes, short working distance, small spot, focused beam.


UVLAB OM1 is a professional, pure 365nm high power and short working distance light source. It is used in optical microscopes for fluorescence excitation. Samples can be illuminated external or true a condenser. Other applications required small beam diameter and high optical density are possible.


  • Aluminum housing spray painted, diameter Ø35mm, length 115mm.
  • High class UV LED source.
  • Wavelength 365nm.
  • Multi-lens glass optics.
  • Optical output power 0.3W or 1W (for 1W code: UVLAB OM2).
  • Output beam diameter 25mm.
  • Convergent beam with 2.0mm spot size in focus point.
  • Focal length 40mm.
  • Analog or digital power adjust from 0 to 100%.
  • DC switching adapter.


  • Different spot size at focal.
  • Built-in UV filter.
  • Battery power supply.
copyright: LABIS